''We Love to Help people live a healthy and fully blossomed Life; Our faces reflect the Joy we feel when we meet those who need us because we know our encounter was meant to happen''

Come in like a Catterpillar - Leave like a Flying Butterfly

We are the Flyingbutterflies

Our mission is to create balance and health within the mind, body and spirit of anyone in need of help. Flyingbutterflies is represented by Istvan, the therapeutic massage therapist and Margaret, the life-energy healer, gifted clairvoyant and medical intuitive. Together for over 10 years now, we promise to create harmony between the physical and other subtle energy bodies for anyone interested in a holistic approach to health.

Expect being treated with professionalism and a genuine love and care. We have a unique way of connecting with people by building rapport, putting your mind at ease and finding that mutual wave length, so important in any personal services.

Whether you come for a massage, a LifeEnergy healing or you are seeking guidance, the place where we work is always set up professionally, with candle lights and aromatherapy diffuser to impress and to make you feel welcomed. We believe that everything happens for a reason, so when you enter our premises we know we were supposed to meet and appreciate the given opportunity.

Istvan Dobrila-Roth

I am an accomplished massage therapist with 12 years of experience working with a blend of western and eastern techniques learnt throughout the years.

I’ve perfected this mix of different styles of massages and would best describe it as remedial or therapeutic deep-tissue massage and use it with much success.

Amongst my clients I count sports people with injuries, office workers who have repetitive strain injuries, tradesmen who work hard and overuse their muscles. After even a single treatment they all have reported a considerable increase in vitality and energy levels and also a reduction of discomfort and pain in their body. Many of them have regular massages with me to prevent injuries, pain and fatigue.

My massages are ultimately described as ‘flowing’ and ‘relaxing yet energizing’ making the massage treatment an experience that lingers with you rather than a routine of muscle manipulation techniques that can feel impersonal. Please see what other have to say about my treatment sessions.

As for my background I had my training in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, then I’ve signed up to work on luxury cruise ships so an intensive training with Steiner International in Elemis massages (Hot-Stones and Deep -tissue) followed before I’ve joined my ship in Hawaii. Many hundreds of massages later and packed with confidence boosting reviews I’ve decided to continue working as self-employed in Edinburgh. That was 10 years ago and my massages are still highly rated because these are all focused on alleviating the pain and discomfort within your body and I tailor them to your specific needs. I am always looking to find the source of injury first then massaging deeply and thoroughly the areas to reduce pain and increase mobility and flexibility.

I am continuously improving myself by keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of massage and introducing new techniques and elements that keep the massage efficient and interesting for me and for the patient.

With Flyingbutterflies, my ethos is a dedicated approach designed to produce the best results possible for each patient, whether that is treating an existing injury or preventing it from re-occurring.

Istvan Massage therapist
B.Sc., VTCT Swedish massage, Elemis spa-therapy Deep-tissue & Hot-Stones massage, Reiki master
Gifted Medical Intuitive, Life Energy Healer, Clairvoyant, Reiki Master and Reflexologist ~ more info on sister website ~

Margaret Dobrila-Roth

I am a very sensitive soul who deeply understands the human condition who has found a way to help anyone needing assistance in alleviating/lightening the pain/burden of existence.

I am a self-taught Life Energy Healer. My abilities were born with me but have not developed until later in my life, and the turning point being a life changing event in my early 20s, the loss of my mother. The shock has broken down all the limits of my being and activated most of my energy centres thus allowing me to see beyond the visible. I’m now in my 40s and have gathered immense amounts of information about the world beyond the veil and about our mind, body and soul and would make me very happy to share all of this with you. I work with a highly evolved multidimensional light being, named simply Life, who keeps me safe in my journeys and healing sessions and helps me efficiently channel the universal and bio-energetic waves into you.

I am a medical intuitive being able to see the energy centres and the aura of every living person animal or plant (if he/she/it was meant to have one). I can decode the messages I see in these energy centres and in the aura and with your help, my dear friend, I can find the source of your weakness, illness or lack of fullness. I am then directing my bio-energy to correct the problem and eliminate the impact of your past on your present life. Please see full explanation under Healing & Guidance.

My background is in teaching in which I’ve had a lot of satisfaction, but found that I can give a lot more if I focus on healing and guiding people. I’ve joined many like-minded groups and learnt a lot about meditation and clairvoyance and I’ve deepened my knowledge in all that is Life to be able to offer a point of view that is unique and of great value to whoever knows how to use the information that I’m bringing forth. This information coupled with the Life healing energy treatment will shift your ideas about life and will be putting you in the driver’s seat of your life empowering you to make the best decisions and keep healthy.

My clients are from all walks of life but they all share one driving trait, the urge to become more and find out who they truly are.  This particular trait is in most of us but might not surface for a long time so when bad times come and illness, imbalance hits them questions start to arise about why this is happening. At this point a shift is necessary in order to go back to full health and continue on the path to full self-development according to the predetermined blueprint. These trial times are life lessons and this is where I come in to help to keep you healthy, realign your energy centres and clear your aura of impurities and bringing about a shift in attitude and thinking patterns so you are again back to your real self and get to know your soul’s purpose.

I look forward to working with you!