All you need to keep well in Edinburgh is Massage and Healing

With us you are in good hands

At this time of social distancing we offer HEALING remotely and MASSAGE in the comfort of your home - working from our base in Stenhouse recommences in phase 4 of re-emergence from lock-down

Deep Tissue massage

• Treats chronic back Pain • Reduces Stress, anxiety and muscle Tension • Helps lower high blood pressure, Breaks up scar tissue • Helps Arthritis Pain/Symptoms • Improves Athletic Recovery and Performance & increases joint mobility

Hot Stones massage

• Provides relief from pain associated with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Carpal tunnel syndrome etc. • Decreases pain and muscle spasms • Reduces chronic stress and tension • Increases flexibility in joints, aiding in easier mobility and movement

Life Energy Healing

• Clears the body of pain, negative energies that could cause an illness • Improves Mental health, Feel at peace & Confident • Prevents illnesses, Boosts Energy levels & Relaxes • Speeds up the recovery process after surgery • Become your best

Energy Line massage

• Deep Relaxation for Boosting your Immunity • Truly Holistic stress Melting • Nurturing, Caressing & free flowing massage • A deep well of Strength and Wellbeing, assisting the fully functioning of our Self-Healing mechanisms


Our mission is to create balance and health within the mind, body and spirit of anyone in need of our help. Flyingbutterflies is formed by married couple, Istvan –the Deep Tissue Massage Therapist and Margaret – the Life Energy Healer, Reiki Master Clairvoyant and gifted Medical Intuitive. Together for over 10 years now, we promise to create harmony between the physical and subtle energy body for anyone open to a holistic approach.

What Our Clients Say About Us


Warm, welcoming and soothing atmosphere awaits me whenever I go to see Istvan. I always feel relaxed and calm. He does an excellent job having a friendly manner and applying fantastic massage techniques. I work in an environment where I have been starting to notice posture related aches and pains in certain areas of my body, such as in my upper and lower back and shoulders. Istvan always concentrates on the affected areas and ensures he uses the right pressure to my comfort level. I can honestly say since I started coming to him for regular massages my lower back pain has eased a lot. I am happy to confidently recommend his work.

Melanie – dental nurse

I approached Istvan 3 years or so ago because I had a lot of muscle tension in my back due to the physical nature of my job and my hobby of rock climbing. I would 100% recommend getting in touch with him if you are looking for a massage therapist. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional so that I always feel at ease when getting massages. I have never come out of massage therapies/ physiotherapy sessions so relieved than I have from a session with Istvan. Every time has been a 10/10 experience for me which is the reason why I keep going back.

Sebastien, research assistant

I am an 80 year old woman but I had a bad fall on the pavement on 14th January and damaged my right shoulder. I was given physio exercises to do, which I did to the best of my ability and then I heard about FlyingButterflies. After the first two massage sessions on my shoulder, I felt a big improvement – and when I returned to the physio, she was absolutely delighted (and surprised!) with my progress. I was given more advanced exercises to do and after two more massage sessions, I feel I am just about back to how I was before my fall. I can totally recommend Istvan to solve your health problems.

Anita Hogg, retired

I always had a sore back. I was told I grew up too fast and have posture problems. 
After years of physio and yoga not very helpful, I have tried a scan and pills. It went nowhere. I was waking up every morning with sore muscle and could not run.
One day, I hurt so badly my upper back that I could not sleep more than one hour at the time.

Istvan started to treat me, it was torture, my muscles where as hard as bones!
Margaret had to use her energy treatment to stabilise me before Istvan could do anything.
Now I sleep well, run, wake up rested and feel younger than when I was 20 !
I go regularly to Istvan and feel it is the only answer for my body.

I recommend it to everybody who have tried Physio, NHS and alternatives like yoga, pilates without improvement.

Nicolas – heating engineer

Istvan helped greatly improve my overall well being with his highly skilled technique. Since going to see him I feel a huge improvement in flexibility and muscle elasticity, a great deal of tension held in my body and muscles has since subsided and I feel the benefit of feeling lighter and more able to tackle physical tasks.
Istvan is a friendly, capable and exceptionally knowledgeable therapist, I would highly recommend him.

Wicca Waters

Over the last 2 years I’ve really struggled with my back pain quite a bit. I’ve had all sorts of pain from back spasms, shooting pains to even finding it difficult to walk or go to work. Once I was put in touch with Istvan, I knew I’d found the answer to all of my back problems. I could not recommend Istvan highly enough, as he has helped me overcome any issues I’ve had up to date and will continue to keep me feeling like a new man. Thanks.

Sam – plumber

My knots have disappeared! Having more flexibility in my arm and shoulder muscles gives me a great sense of freedom and well-being. I had many massages until I went to Istvan, but he is something else. After long hours spent in front of the computer I developed RSI but his deep-tissue massage dissolved the pain and discomfort. I’m new again!  Thanks Istvan

Daciana, office worker

My opinion about Istvan is that he is kind, friendly, familial and welcoming. His massages are done with precision, professionalism, with the client in mind.
Istvan’s work always reflects his knowledge and the best of his abilities.
I had lower back problems but since I’ve started seeing him I feel my back has improved. After the treatment I always feel relaxed and rested but also refreshed. After I schedule in my next treatment appointment I leave his place knowing that now my body will cope with anything due to his work. Thank you.

Kornel, painter

Istvan is amazing! As I grew older my limbs gradually turned heavier with less flexibility in the joints and muscles. I have turned to Istvan for relief. I wished to feel younger and more alive, with less pain and able to do things I was used to do in my every-day life. As I am a busy business owner I need to stay fit and in good health and Hot stones massage was perfect for me. Istvan did a wonderful job, he really has gifted hands. Thank you.

Tamara – business owner


The treatment has given me a boost of energy and has balanced me in many ways. My self-belief has multiplied ten fold the same way as my ability to look within myself and observ. All of the opportunities that exist for me have become clearer and have once more discovered the power with which I can purposefully lead my life.

I’ve seen Margaret twice and her advise is still under process. My pains in my sinuses and ears have diminished, although still there now I know what to do to shift the pain and get relief. I’m only concetrating on the positive and I’m confident that I’ll be swinging past these issues easily. So thank you!

Beatrix, Singer

I’ve had four long-distance sessions (with the Atlantic Ocean between us) with Margaret so far. I just had to send her a picture of myself to her Facebook for her to work with.
From the very beginning she was very intuitive and I was able to relax. During the sessions I felt a pleasant tingling and warmth in various areas of my body that she was working on. Afterwards I felt a sort of inner peace and a surge in my energy-levels. Her work was having great results!
What was also very interesting was the fact that she somehow knew that there seemed to be an issue with my kidneys (I hadn’t told her that previously). Sure enough a few weeks later I ended up needing medical care for my kidneys and I am seeing a urologist soon. I would definitely recommend Margaret to anyone!

Imola – Nutritionist

Areas covered depend on the distance to your home from mine (Stenhouse, Edinburgh)around 30 mintes drive, but includes west of Edinburgh – Corstorphine, Carrick Knowe, Colinton, Saughton, Kings Knowe, Morningside, Merchiston, Balgreen, Sighthill, Murayfield, Drum brae, Dalry, Gorgie, West End, Roseburn, Broomhouse. Parkhead. Wester Hailes. and many other ares in Edinburgh