Although Healing Energy therapy is a very effective and powerful modality that helps improve serious health conditions, it is NOT a medical treatment.

Margaret does not claim or pretend to be a doctor, nor wants to be a doctor or any other type of medical professionals.

Margaret does also not:

•          prescribe or give anything to ingest (i.e. drugs, pills, herbs, etc.)

•          physically manipulate bones or any part of the body.

•          advise about or diagnose any health condition.

•          use any needles, equipment or machines.

•         address illness, but acknowledge and address health.

Margaret touches people only with their explicit consent and at their discretion.

Margaret does not “CURE” anyone. Healing Energy therapy jump-starts a person’s own healing mechanism to restore the body’s original state of well-being by using Life Energy Healing therapy to optimize the role of the immune system.