Energy Line massage​

(experience the power of a caring touch)

Energy line massage

Energy line massage is to immerse you into a deep relaxation to boost your self-healing ability.

I am here introducing a new type of massage that I have been developing in the last few years and is truly a holistic one meant to release the tension and stress on muscles, nervous system and on mind. It is a total release of pressure what is being experienced through the application of long, whole body length of strokes while I’m applying pressure on my fingertips. The moves I make resemble the raking of the dead leaves off the ground and mentally I am actually raking off the negative, unwanted energies and stresses off the body. The body is stimulated to such a degree that the relaxation effect kicks in early in the treatment session and there is much enjoyment that follows usually described as ‘’liberation’’.

More on Energy Line Massage
How I work and What to Expect

As I move my arms and hands up and down the body gliding across every inch of your body (except the private parts) my fingers are constantly looking for areas that could hold tension and knots. During the massage I will return to these areas applying techniques to work away the knot and deposits of lactic acid and also gradually increasing the pressure to allow the body to let go. Usually I get lots of sighs from clients as the tipping point is reached and it is like rolling down the hill of relaxation deeper into the abyss of stillness and disconnectedness.

I have been inspired by many fellow massage therapists who use mostly eastern massage techniques and combined my knowledge of energy lines and many years of experience creating the so sought after sensation of relaxation.

By using feeling, sensitivity and intuition I believe I have achieved elevating the humble back rub to art level thus creating and offering an experience that provides a deep well of strength and wellbeing, so crucial to the fully functioning of our self-healing mechanisms.

It is a very nurturing, caressing & free flowing massage.

This massage form is for those who are willing to experience the feeling of not being in control without which there is no real letting go. It is strong on the senses as touch is meaningful and not restricted to just the technique, being unpredictable and shifting.

As I need to have full body length movements at any given time, only your genitals are covered and no underwear is to be worn. For female clients when facing up I will of course cover chest area as well.

Have an Energy line massage to prevent burning out and getting too tired to take good decisions in your life.