Reiki/Life Energy therapy


Reiki/Life Energy therapy

Reiki/Life Energy Healing therapy is a non-medical healing form, it is simple yet effective, painless non-invasive, client friendly for adults, children and animals. It works on restoring and balancing bio-energetic information to kick-start the body’s own healing mechanisms.

There are many reasons one would consider receiving Life-energy healing and these include:

  •  to Clear the body of pain, negative/stagnating energies that caused an illness  
  •  to Improve Mental health, feel at peace, Confident and grateful to be alive  
  •  to Prepare for surgery and Speed up the recovery process after it  
  •  to Prevent illnesses, for Wellness and Maintenance  
  •  to Become your best in everything you do  

Call it magic but Reiki/Life energy healing with Margaret works!

Physical, emotional and spiritual rejuvenation! Simply put this is Infusion of Love and Light on all levels of your being.
Trust it and move beyond your limitations, heal, be confident. People from all walks of life have tried it thus reaching their full potential in life. When you are searching for answers about why things happen to you, doubt yourself or when you feel like you are out of control, losing your feet and out of balance – there is still hope if you chose to come and see Margaret.
Even just one session can make wonders and put you back on track ready to face the world. Heal and find a cure to any illness by having the unproductive elements of yor life removed, reorganise your thought and behavioral patterns.
Let Margaret kick-start this journey for you by re-programming the cells within your body to start doing what they were made to do – LIVE and Thrive even under great strains. Margaret works on levels of your being doctors don’t even know exist to achieve what some call miracles. It is time to try a solution that puts you in charge to make a change from within yourself that will last and has no side-effects.
Transform NOW!

Life Energy Healing (aka Bioenergy therapy) sessions include


It is about finding the root cause of your issue followed by life energy transfer to realign energy centers, boost the immune system and your innate self-healing abilities 


I am offering guidance when at crossroads or advice on how to lead a fulfilling life, and solve problems all from the vantage point of a soul who has access to knowledge from beyond time and space


To prevent or heal illnesses reduce pain and discomfort and also to eliminate the negative effects of a stressful life


To help access life energy healing to heal others or yourself, included in a session if required for no extra cost.

''What an amazing experience, what an amazing gift..all this thanks to Margaret’s wonderful Life energy that she has to give. I had a huge pain in my leg for over a year, but thanks to her , all that pain is now gone! Believe and You shall receive!''

What is Life Energy and how it works?

In the realm of healing and alternative therapies, the term “bioenergy” refers to the life energy that runs through and around your body.
Life energy (bioenergy) is the force that sustains every living thing. There is no life without bioenergy.
All forces of the universe, including human consciousness, are the transformations of this cosmic energy.

Accessing this perfect, intelligent energy, awakens and strengthens the energetic potential of health within every living thing.
Life Energy therapy addresses energy flow blockages and imbalances. In working on this level, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments are dealt with at their root.

Transmission of the information of Health, contained in Life energy, adjusts and balances the aura to restore health on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
When a person is under stress (physical, emotional, or environmental) their immune system will break at its weakest point. Cells become weak, misinformed, confused and do not function properly.

Life Energy Healing or Bio Energy Healing as the term is interchangeable uses dynamic techniques that can pinpoint the root cause of your issues. It addresses the entwinement of your mind & body and how each affects the other.

Clear the body of pain and negative/stagnating energies

Life Energy Therapy works to remove blockages, rebalance the energy, and get the energy flowing freely. You don’t need to be aware of your energy field and in fact not many people are, though healing and well being depends upon its free flow.
That’s why Margaret can help. She can see, sense and assess your energy field/aura and works through the seven energy centres – chakras – each one of which is like the fuse box of an electrical supply. Margaret will channel her energy along the energy lines of your body and into your cells, updating the code and giving You a new set of instructions to follow; that of health and self-confidence.

After the initial consultation the treatment is carried out by passing the hands over the patient. Margaret, as medical intuitive using her extra-sensorial abilities can immediately detect when a part of the body is unbalanced or unhealthy by the feeling of heat or pain in her hands.
During treatment she acts as a channel allowing positive energy to flow through one of her hands and extracting negative energy from the patient using the other hand.

Balancing the energy level has a vitalising effect on the body and leads to the restoration of the patient’s good health and the riddance of pain and discomfort.
You will feel a sense of relief, joy, and freshness due to the oxygen flowing freely towards every cell of the body.

Improve Mental health, feel at peace, Confident and grateful to be alive

The statistics for mental health problems in the UK and in the western world are alarming. It is said that 1 in every 3 adults and 1 in 10 children are facing mental health issues.

Anti-depressants are taken regularly by around two million Britons and have been linked to a host of side-effects, including suicide.


Life energy healing (Bioenergy healing) addresses and successfully treats many mental health issues as on a psychological and emotional level the treatment brings order to your body’s cells aiding neuron communication.

This can transform your perception of your world, by way of rewiring your brain to overcome illnesses such as depression, anxiety and stress.

Speed up the recovery process

The therapy is very effective used along side of western medicine and it helps speed the recovery process after surgery.
Healing Energy therapy may help any condition, (simple or serious) from Multiple Sclerosis, Asthma or Stroke to a simple backache, as it empowers the body’s own immune system to function at its best.

In fact, one of the therapy’s many strengths is to help improve health conditions to which modern medicine cannot find a reliable and safe solution so by having the therapy you can avoid debilitating side effects such as pain and invasive procedures.

Prevention, Wellness and Maintenance

You don’t have to be sick or injured to benefit from Life Energy therapy healing. You can have the treatment at least four times a year to help keep your body functioning at its optimum.
Keeping the immune system in good working order is the only way to prevent illness and ensure your body stays healthy energetically, physically and emotionally.
Energy imbalances first appear in the aura (energy body) and can later develop as a health problem in the physical body. So why not catch any imbalances before they have time to manifest into illnesses?

A few of the many benefits of using energy healing for wellness, maintenance and prevention include:

⦁ Optimizing the immune system when a person feels run down.
⦁ Releasing built up stress by deeply relaxing the body.
⦁ Enhancing the emotional, mental, social aspects of everyday life.
⦁ Increasing blood circulation to help support cell growth and organ function.
⦁ Developing sound sleeping habits.
⦁ Boosting resistance to reoccurring conditions brought on by lifestyle.
⦁ Helping to eliminate seasonal health conditions such as allergies…

Become your best

Life Energy therapy is extremely effective in helping achieve peak performance for athletes, dancers, actors, artists, writers, musicians, and in the workplace.
The treatment quickens injury recovery and used as muscle management before and after competition, sports and dance training, or strenuous yoga practice, helps prevent injuries from happening in the first place by keeping the body optimized.
In the fast paced business environment of the modern world, the therapy reduces work place stress and injury, speeds illness recovery and keeps everyone healthier and happier.

Whether you are a professional football/rugby player with a torn muscle, auditioning to be a ballerina or a CEO with corporate burn out Life Energy therapy will help increase your performance along with your health in a safe, natural and effective way.

A few of many benefits of Life Energy therapy when used to achieve your best

⦁ Shorten the recovery time after an injury
⦁ Muscle management before and after competition or training
⦁ Repairs Soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments)
⦁ Significantly reduces soreness during and after training
⦁ Relieves common complaints such as back pain which can hinder performance
⦁ Achieve gains in skill, coordination, strength and mobility
⦁ Assistance with overall flexibility and stamina
⦁ Promotes Increased blood circulation
⦁ Calm Anxiety and reduce stress
⦁ Increase mental focus on the task at hand

Margaret’s thoughts about the reason why she is involved in healing work:

“Sometimes we need someone to love us and sometimes we need someone to love us the way we want us to be loved, but this kind of love never arrives. That’s because we are all so different from each other and find difficult to understand each other deeply. Due to this desire for Love (a highly coherent emotion and healing frequency), heightened sensitivity is being created within our souls and this is what places us, healers, on the path we’ve chosen. The reason we work with healing energies is because this kind of Love that we’ve been missing so badly, that high frequency unconditional Love that we understand so well makes us become the source of Love for someone else. This is our way of explaining to others what it is that we desire so much.”