Looking after ourselves has never been more important as our lives are stressful and even that extra bit of stress is enough to tilt us over the edge. Mental and physical health is what we have when we’re born, keeping it is our responsibility and our test in this day and age. This lesson will make us stronger and will define us in the following decades. In the age of information it seems that this is easy to do as you can just learn about it from thousands of sources, the truth is that just learning about it is not enough we have got to live those ways of being, change our ways of thinking and chose our priorities wisely as time is precious and what we do with it of paramount importance. Chose to be healthy! Want to live inside your body and search your soul, find quiet as comfort and staying still a way of making change. Connect to your higher self by meditating which is not more than the flow of constant awareness of your self being alive and understanding your surroundings through your senses. Start the new decade by making a pledge to learn more about yourself be that at the gym, on a stroll in the park or forest or in a spa or in the comfort of your home with a massage or healing session to release some of that stress. See you soon!

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